Injection Moulding

At Delliplast we focus on producing high quality in everything we do.

Durability and strength are all-important when injection moulding plastic elements. Before production starts, we take pride in offering our customers guidance regarding their choice of materials. We have many years of experience in helping customers with minor and major tasks. You are always welcome to call us for a no-obligation chat about your product.

We pride ourselves on always achieving the optimum result for our customers. We approach every task with a good combination of curiosity, patience and commitment. Our injection moulding processes are optimised with a view to achieving maximum efficiency and precision. To ensure high uniform production quality and a better price for our customers, many of our machines are controlled by robots.

In our injection moulding shop, excess materials are automatically ground to granules, which are continually recycled with new raw materials in production. In this way, we reduce raw materials consumption and protect the environment.